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Our company has a complete production line, with the modernization of production equipment, strong economic strength and scientiffic research and development, capacity ande excellent professional staff. Our company is specialized in Garden tools, we have several years' experience and our brand is "QITIAN". Our main products include Gasoline Chain saw, Brush Cutter&Grass Trimmers, Hedge Trimmer, Ground Drill, Multifunctional pole High-Saw,Lawn Mower, spare parts and so on,We had passed the ISO-9000 quality management system in 2000,CE&GS. 


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崎田是一家专业生产园林机械的厂家,主要生产“崎田牌”“侬乐牌”“诺合牌” 园林机械产品,主要有割灌机、汽油锯、绿蓠机、高枝锯、地钻、草坪机,植保机械,等园林工具及配件。公司已通过国家ISO-9000,CE,GS认证,多项产品已申请专利,并获得各种机构奖项和科技成果农机推广奖,产品的各项指标已达到国内外同类产品的先进水平,产品设计新颖,式样美观,规格齐全,价格合理,交货及时,深受国内外客户的好评。产品远销欧洲,美洲,亚洲,澳洲等几十个国家和地区。



手机: 18758931912 18857964948
电话: 0579-89286872
FAX:  0579-87219268
E-mail: 469236538@qq.com
网址:Http//: www.zjqitian.com

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